Our DBAs - all certified professionals - have spent years with Oracle RDBMS, Microsoft SQL Server, and the ERP systems that run on top of them. Because this is what they do, Aner Group can get your data management work done faster and better. Bottom line? It's more cost effective and more reliable

Because we're always watching so carefully, Aner Group managed systems are likely to experience far less downtime and data loss. Or perhaps no loss at all: to date, none of our clients has actually suffered any data loss!

We've adopted and mastered the data industry's best-practices and partnered with major database vendors like Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM.

We work with publicly traded companies and understand SOX compliance in both theory and practice, allowing us to help our clients implement the most effective IT governance processes. Aner Group is an SSAE Type II audit completed company.

Database migrations and upgrades are included in our basic database support services.

We aren't consultants or vendors. We're an extension of your team...only better:

You don't need to train our DBAs because their state-of-the-art latest-revisions training never stops. On our time, not yours.

You don't need to worry about service gaps over weekends, vacation, or statutory holidays, because when you sign on with Aner Group, there is no down time. Someone familiar with your system is always available. 24 x 7 x 52. No exceptions. No extra cost.

How is Aner Group able to produce this level of service?

We're proactive. We invest in prevention.

  • We believe that the very best time to "solve" problems is during installation and configuration.
  • When our 24 x 7 system monitoring catches some issue, we deal with it immediately.
  • We follow strict Change Management procedures
  • We thoroughly test upgrades and fixes before implementing changes on production systems.

So your corporate web site is playing strange music and flashing garish colors, your Internet access is slowing to a crawl at odd times, and there are unidentified USB drives sticking out of computers where they don't belong.

A data security breach not only threatens the integrity of your data and compromises your competitive advantage, it also exposes you to significant legal risk.

Whether you've got trouble or wish to avoid it, Aner Group's Data and Application Security services can help. Here's what we do:

  • Assess your systems' vulnerabilities.
  • Construct a plan of attack - using the security industry's latest best practices specially configured to fit your unique business model - to tightly close down any existing holes and ensure no new ones are likely to open
  • Provide you with a detailed report outlining the steps required to secure your systems, and a team to get the job done.
  • Implement an ongoing protocol to monitor your security.

This might be a good time for a security audit.

With Aner Group manning the fort, your internal teams can spend less time focusing on risk and more time chasing opportunities.

Our Application and Security Services Include:

  • Threat Assessment.
  • Regulatory Compliance.
  • Consumer Data Protection.
  • Data Encryption and Obfuscation.
  • Identity Lifecycle Management.
  • 24x7 Incident Response.

Protecting you is Aner Group's business.

You're ready to take the leap and invest substantial resources in a new enterprise software solution. But you've got questions. Is this particular package really the best fit for your operation's unique and complicated needs? Will the transition be as quick and smooth as you'd like? Have you accurately anticipated all that can go wrong? Will your in-house team get back to full productivity as soon as you would like?

Bottom line: do you know enough to make this thing work?

Aner Group does know enough.

If you're looking at a digital business solution, the odds are that we've already been there:

PeopleSoft, Oracle UCM, Oracle E-Business Suite. Hyperion Financial Management.

Custom, Enterprise Security Bus Applications, LANDesk, SAS...

We don't just install it:

We can use our many years of experience to carefully weigh your core requirements against all the competing systems that are out there. We can show you the long-term TCO implications of each of today's choices. We can design a carefully managed transition plan, complete with a detailed time line. And we can get you there on target, with minimum risk exposure.

And did we mention that we don't walk out the door before testing the new system end-to-end, that we train your people, and that we continue to fully support the system throughout its lifecycle?

Well we do carefully test our installed systems and we do fully support them.

Which means that you only need one focus: managing your business. Aner Group will handle the rest.

If you're like most corporate decision makers, you probably have a whole lot invested in your hardware and software systems.

Major upgrades to enterprise operations can easily cost you weeks or months of preparation (what's your transition team's hourly labor cost?), days of turmoil and countless sleepless nights "cleaning up" afterwards. So perhaps you shouldn't be so quick to reach for your wallet every time your vendors choose to release their latest "critically important" version.

That's where we can help.

Aner Group's Enterprise Application Integration Services will make good friends out of modules that were only recently barely on speaking terms. We're at the very cutting edge of all the newest enterprise technologies and processes. But we've also been around long enough to have worked directly with all kinds of legacy systems. Best of all, we've developed real-world experience keeping them all talking happily with each other.

Efficient Integration

Aner Group can modernize your systems and get your information moving through efficient integration with Web-based features and services. We will then train your users and support your systems right through their extended lifecycles.

By breathing life into your legacy systems, we can keep your costs low, your productivity high, and your old equipment hard at work.

Aner Group's Enterprise Application Integration Services Include:

  • Middleware Deployment
  • SOA Integration
  • Point-To-Point Integration
  • Web Application Integration
  • System Integration